A new approach to technology…

Initially established in 2013, and now in a strategic partnership with renowned European private equity company Janom, Wattstor is a pioneer of modern energy storage methods and continues to break new grounds in technology and service optimisation.

The multiple award winning Wattstor offers innovative technological solutions that reduce its clients electricity bills by up to 70%. Its Company ethos focuses on the need to limit the amount of resources we all take from nature and its team are all passionate about its strong eco message. Their smart and sustainable solutions are suitable for both commercial and residential application, and have already proven their value in practice.

Each of their products has been developed with a practical purpose in mind, which is why they have a broad range of possible applications.


Our brief was to build an aspirational brand which would be capable of speaking to both a commercial and residential market. We developed a series of images and messaging for both markets to demonstrate the benefits of their range of products and services.


We developed a series of consistent and engaging artefacts, from literature to exhibition stands, that communicate the brand message, including the colours, fonts and tone of voice.